“I believe we can secure a spot at the Super Globe 2019” - Benji Briffe

Benjamin Briffe #13

Benjamin Briffe #13

At 2-meters tall it is hard to miss New York City’s right back Benjamin Briffe. One of the most experienced players in the team Benji was born in Brittany, France and works as a physical therapist. He moved to the US to build a new life with his wife, who is an American citizen and works as a therapist.

We caught up briefly with Benji, who shared brief details about his career, and what he thinks NYC HC chances are to qualify to the 2019 Super Globe.

Your handball career before moving to New York City?

Benjamin Briffe: I grew up watching my dad play and started to play early. I was fortunate to participate at U-19 and U-21 World Championships with the junior French National team. I also played 7 years in the French pro league in 3 different clubs. In 2013 I was selected to the "all-star game" of the French championship.

Your handball ‘career’ with NYC HC?

Benjamin Briffe: I started to play with NYC HC in 2014 and was lucky to discover amazing teammates and volunteers. Playing for NYC HC rewarded me with 2 US National titles, but the Pan American Club Championship experience in Argentina is yet my best memory with this team.

What does it mean to you being a part of The World’s Handball?

Benjamin Briffe: New York City HC is a unique place to play handball, and it’s a great feeling being a part of a group of players coming from different countries, speaking different languages and having different handball backgrounds. But we all share the common passion for handball, and its the thread that allows us to connect deeply with one another. I love the experience.

First ever to qualify to the Super Globe from NorCa region. What do you think about it? What are your chances to qualify to the Super Globe?

Benjamin Briffe: It is a historic moment for handball in the US and a unique chance for one club to represent the NorCa region at the 2019 Super Globe.

We know the quality of the US clubs, but we don't really know what to expect from the other teams–we will probably have some surprises. However, if we can play our best handball in May, I still believe we can secure a spot at the Super Globe.

By qualifying to the Super Globe 2019 you would become a part of a group to represent a USA club for the first time in a large global event like this. How does this notion keep you motivated?  

Benjamin Briffe: The qualifying club will have the opportunity to play against some of the best teams on the planet. This would be a great personal experience, but also a unique occasion for New York City HC to represent the USA for the first time in this competition.