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"USA could be great in handball" - Dr. Hassan Moustafa

In 1996, 35,000 spectators watched the Olympic final between Sweden and Croatia in the Georgia Dome, even though handball was not popular or even had the same standard as of today. For these reasons, I confirm that handball fits the US people – and with the US men’s and women’s teams being qualified for the Pan American Games for the first time in eight years, this could be the time for handball in the USA.

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"I am convinced that handball is a game made for the USA" - Dr. Jean Brihault

I hope you will invite me to some form of national final weekend on the model of what we currently have in Europe but where we now sell 40 000 tickets for the weekend, you will be able to play to much larger audiences and European handball fans will be watching with interest and envy.

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"All of us at the USOC and LPOTC take pride in helping people achieve their dreams" - Jared Steenberge

I like how handball truly is a team sport. Growing up a baseball fan, I admire how a group of people work together for the greater goal. Each person has a unique ability but having all of those abilities come together and focus on team goals, rather than individual goals, is what I love about this sport. 

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