"I think we have a very good chance to qualify" - Ivan Ignjatovic

Ivan Ignjatovic #1

Ivan Ignjatovic #1

Ivan Ignjatovic is one of the foundational pillars of The World’s Handball Club. He is the captain of the team, and the best goalkeeper in the USA. He was born in New York, however spent most of his childhood in Serbia.

When he’s not at work as a loss control inspector for an insurance company, he spends most of his time with his two children and wife, and of course playing handball.

Your handball career before moving to New York City?

Ivan Ignjatovic: I started playing handball in my elementary school in fifth grade. After that I played with Sindjelic and Partizan Belgrade for many years. Memories on a handball court are many, and hard to chose which are the best. I certainly love the grind, and tough games where things are uncertain until the last seconds of the game.

Your handball ‘career’ with NYC HC?

Ivan Ignjatovic: I joined NYC HC in 2006. As far as I remember we have won almost every single tournament we participated. We are 7-time US National Champions, 10-time Northeast National Champions 1-time Canadian National Champions, and have trophies from many different events around the country.

So, I can say my ‘career’ with NYC HC has been extremely successful.

What does it mean to you being a part of The World’s Handball Club?

Ivan Ignjatovic: The best part of the World’s Handball Club is that when you join the club it becomes a part of you and that is why I think we are so unique. We are one huge global family, and it’s very hard to imagine a life in New York City without the people who became a part of my life because of the club.

First ever to qualify to the Super Globe from NorCa region. What do you think about it? What are your chances to qualify to the Super Globe?

Ivan Ignjatovic: It would be a great achievement for us as a club, but also for handball itself in the US. We have had big challenges in the past and we have proven that we have what it takes to compete at a high level. With our system and mindset I think we have a very good chance to qualify.

By qualifying to the Super Globe 2019 you would become a part of a group to represent a USA club for the first time in a large global event like this. How does this notion keep you motivated?  

Ivan Ignjatovic: Just thinking of competing at an event of that scale gives me enough motivation, however we are focusing in taking one step at a time. Playing in the Super Globe would be the biggest achievement of my career, so staying healthy is imperative, and when games begin we leave it to the handball gods to take over.