“It's going to be an unforgettable experience” - Jackson Justimiano

Jackson Justimiano #12

Jackson Justimiano #12

Originally from Brazil, Jackson Justimiano came to USA three and a half years ago, with his wife, for better work opportunities. His energy, passion, and strong beliefs are what set Jackson apart.

His passion for handball is evident, and it shows every single practice. Here is what he had to say during the interview.

Your handball career before moving to New York City?  

Jackson Justimiano: I started to play handball when I was 14 years old in a very small town in Brazil called Descalvado. After that I played for a few different clubs Guarulhos, Jundiai and Sao Carlos where we played Federation tournaments like Paulista and National League.

I’ve had great memories playing for all those clubs. It’s where I truly learned how to be a goalkeeper.

Your handball ‘career’ with NYC HC?

Jackson Justimiano: This is my second season with the NYC HC. My first practice was in Sep 2017. We had an amazing year, winning almost all the regional league games. Then at US Nationals we won all our games and brought home the Championship Trophy which was a very special experience for me!

Unfortunately, we couldn't participate at last years Pan American Club Championship in Brazil (which as a Brazilian I wanted so badly), but I'm happy and excited we are participating this year. 

What does it mean to you being a part of The World’s Handball Club?

Jackson Justimiano: It means a lot to me. It's more than handball, it's about having fun with friends. I always have a such nice time in every practice and games. A big family that speaks many different languages. It is a true representation of New York City.

First ever to qualify to the Super Globe from NorCa region. What do you think about it? What are your chances to qualify to the Super Globe?

Jackson Justimiano: It's just an amazing opportunity for everyone including me! For a team like us who unfortunately can’t have handball as a profession anymore, it’s a unique opportunity! We have very good players, with amazing individual talent and we know how to play as a team, so we promise we will give a hard time to everyone who will play against us for sure.

By qualifying to the Super Globe 2019 you would become a part of a group to represent a USA club for the first time in a large global event like this. How does this notion keep you motivated?  

Jackson Justimiano: It's going to be first time for the club, for a USA club and first time for me as well. I think for the ones who love and play this sport it’s a dream come true!

To be around and play against the best players in the world it's going to be an unforgettable experience.