"Whoever wants it more, will win it all" - Vlad Oancea

Vlad Oancea #8

Vlad Oancea #8

Representing Romania and Canada, Vlad works as a designer for Deloitte Digital while enjoying the New York City lifestyle.

Even though he never planned to move to the USA, a job offer put NYC on his radar and shortly after he was driving a U-Haul van down from Montreal. Almost like in the movies.

Vlad is the all-around player of New York City HC, the only position he never had to play (yet) is goalie.

Your handball career before moving to New York City? (when did you start playing, who did you play for, best memories and achievements)

Vlad Oancea: I started playing in Romania when I was 14 years old for one of the top U-19 teams, always competing for the championships, becoming National Champions at 19. After a 10-year break from high level competitions, I returned to the court with Celtique de Montréal and then Laval, before joining NYC Team Handball Club. My best memories seem to be linked to the high stakes games I've been involved in from the Romanian National Championship final in 1995, to the Canadian final in 2014 and the last couple games of the 2016 Pan-American Club Championships in Buenos Aires.

Your handball ‘career’ with NYC HC?

Vlad Oancea: My handball "career" with NYC THC? I appreciate the quotation marks, because I look at it more as a way to keep physically active, let out some steam and keep the competitive spirit going.

So, I'm always up for some NYC THC style basketball, a good challenge from another team and after practice/game refreshments.

What does it mean to you being a part of The World’s Handball Club?

Vlad Oancea: It's probably the least original answer, but also the most true: it means to be part of a large, diverse, fun family which speaks many languages I don't understand, and English with an accent (even if it's a Brooklyn one).

First ever to qualify to the Super Globe from NorCa region. What do you think about it? What are your chances to qualify to the Super Globe?

Vlad Oancea: I think that it will be a great opportunity to put Nor.Ca. clubs on the global handball map and to bring awareness to the sport in North America.

I'll keep this open, I think that all the clubs have a great chance and whoever wants it more, will win it all.

By qualifying to the Super Globe 2019 you would become a part of a group to represent a USA club for the first time in a large global event like this. How does this notion keep you motivated?  

Vlad Oancea: To be honest, continuing New York City HC’s great run in the last few years is enough motivation and I'm looking forward to helping however I can, everything else is gravy (and I'm looking forward to a spoonful).